Software F-CRC


This application is distributed as a free software, you can use it freely for any personal or professional use. Commercial use is permitted if you not charge others for use of it. Please refer to EULA for more detail.

Last version 1.00 (04/12/2020)

Support Windows XP, Vista, Windows7-10

Previous version 0.60 (09/25/2005)

Support Windows 9x, NT, 2000 & XP, Vista, Windows7-10


F-CRC is a free tool for calculating CRC32/MD5 for any file.
A file's CRC/MD5 is a checksum code which is characteristic to the file contents.
To check if two files with the same name and same size are really the same, you can use this software to check their checksum.



F-CRC - Screenshot 01
In this example, files CRCs are calculated one after another.

F-CRC - Screenshot 02
In this example, for the last file, we have calculated CRC and MD5 (marked with an * in the list).