F-CRC is a free tool for calculating CRC32/MD5 for any file. A file's CRC/MD5 is a checksum/hash code which is characteristic to the file contents. To check if two files with the same name and same size have really the same data, you can use this software to check their checksum.
ASP.NET C# application adding UDS API interface on Cisco TMS Phonebook. It's basically a UDS wrapper for TMS Phonebook made for people wanting to use TMS as a Global Directory for all Video endpoints. This application has been made for people who want to keep TMS as a single Directory source and share it to new Jabber client (Tandberg Jabber Movi replacement). Jabber client doesn't support TMS Phonebook, but it will if you use this UDS-like interface !
Netmiko is a great tools written in Python to connect on SSH and send commands across a broad set networking vendors and platforms (Cisco, HP, Juniper...). On this open-source project made by Kirk Byers, I've written SSH driver/connector for Cisco Telepresence Endpoints (all models based on TC / CE software). Fell free to go GitHub link to get last Netmiko version.

About me

My name is Ahmad Barrin living in France. I am a Cisco UC expert (CCIE Collaboration #27421). I'm also interested in software programming and various technologies since a long time. This website exposes freeware/open source software I've made for the public community.